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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you use to edit videos?

A. Adobe Premiere Pro

Q. Can I join the group?

A. Even I don't know if you can. Discord members that interact with others frequently will randomly end up in the community channels. If we like you, we add you.

Q. Are you coming back to WoW?


Q. How long does it take to edit videos?

A. Depends on the length of the video and the amount of text-tracking needed. My current schedule is;

Day 1: Have a day off

Day 2: Initial Edit

Day 3: Thumbnail

Day 4: More editing and subtitles

Day 5: Subtitles

Day 6: Probably subtitles

Q. How did you all meet?

The WoW guild was created by myself and friends in September 2016.

The core group consisted of;

Sam - SR_Sam

Josh - SR_Wadlet

Harley - Yellow Text

Simon - Black Text

Jason - SR_Nagnar

Glen - Slave Raiders Highlights

Joe - Shildor Goblin Warlock

Dale - Red Text

Warren - Purple Text in Nighthold videos

Paynie - Orange Text in Nighthold videos (Flappy Boomkin)

Luke - Glens brother

We eventually branched out into other games and new SR members join via the Discord.

Q. Who draws the thumbnails?

A. Me. Below shows a simplified process of making them.






Q. Why doesn't Gary stream?

I can finally say he does. Go watch him.

Q. Panda cosplay when?

Next question ;)

Q. Where are you from?

South Wales

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